5 Compelling Reasons to Join #CIMW19

The fourth annual Comprehensible Input Midwest will be held at University School of Milwaukee on 9/28/19, the pre and post conference workshops will be hosted at Hilton Milwaukee.  Six days to go!  Here are 5 compelling reasons to consider and join #CIMW19!


5. We care.

CIMW is found by a group of passionate educators and second language “parents”!  We care what we do and how we teach impact on our next generations.  We all share a version of creating a world of multilinguals.  Beyond the classroom, we care how our lifestyle affects the world we live in.  We care and we believe that you care as well.  Together, we can make a difference!

4. Affordable

We Give out 50+ scholarships, we create all different combo tickets, we offer variety discount options…  Our goal is to make this conference equitable.  Especially for teachers who rarely have funding for a great professional development, for minority teachers who often fall short to advocate for themselves, we make this conference affordable, equitable and inclusive so ANYONE could join.

3. Accessible

The conference locates in the heart of U.S., by the beautiful Lake Michigan.  its convenient location can easily bring anyone from as far as the east and west coasts, and many local people.

2. National and international level presenters

CIMW lineup is impressive!  Alina Filipescu, Carol Gaab, Bob Patrick, Laurie Clarcq, Tina Hargaden, Justin Bailey, Sarah Breckley, Sr. Wooly…  Every presenter we have is ready to share, connect and support every participant’s needs.

1. You matter

This is a conference about YOUR NEEDS.  Your professional, social, psychological as well as emotional needs.  It is more than a teaching pedagogy or strategy conference.  It is also a conference about how to stay in present moment, self-care, networking, mentoring and more…  It is a conference about YOU!


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