October 2018

Re-approach Novice Level Student with TCI

This year, I have decided to start my Novice level classes little differently than before. Instead of jumping into TPRS immediately, I started with Total Physical Response first. 1. I have two sessions of Novice level classes, which include students from 7th grade to 12th grade. Due to the attention span of my youngsters and the nature of how our brain works, getting students out of their seats with movement and ignite their brains on fire would be very beneficial. 2. I hope to build up a big repertoire in high frequency phrases faster for students so they would be...

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Comprehensible Midwest Annual Conference Closing

The third annual Comprehensible Midwest Conference was hold in Milwaukee from October 5 - October 7, 2018. We welcomed 365 second language teachers who speak 13 different languages and come from 20 states, with more than 30 internationally, nationally and locally recognized presenters, to share, inspire, connect and support with each other together. Here is the closing message which I have delivered. Also, sharing few photos from the conference. CIMW18 Closing How do you all feel now? Excited? Inspired? Tired? Overwhelmed? Confused? Fearful? … Please allow me to assure you that it is totally normal to have all of these...

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