Alex Moo and Sam Meow 2: Reading Activities

In my last post, I shared a spontaneous collaborative story-asking process.  I saw students had some struggles during a reading.  I solicited unfamiliar vocabulary from them and created a story with them on the spot.  As a seasoned TCI teacher, pivoting in class based on students’ needs or interests is one of the prominent characteristics we have.  Since I work in an independent school, homework is required.  Therefore, I modified the class notetaker’s story and turned it into an embedded reading.  That was assigned to them over the weekend.

Here are what happened in class this morning.

  1. Airplane Reading.  I walked around the room to support students if they got stuck or eavesdropping to get a sense of how well they could read.
  2. Freeze Frame.  After the airplane reading, students in pairs chose two scenes that they really liked and acted out.  I took a photo of their pose and have the rest class guess which scenes from the reading they were portraiting.  Here are two examples.

3. Running dictations.  I selected five sentences, cut each out, and posted them on the walls in the hallway.  Students in pairs, one read first, run back to the classroom and tell the information to his/her partner, the partner quickly jet down the sentence, then run out to read the next sentence.

A funny scene is that when students are under competitive pressure, they keep stumbling over what they are reading.  Either they keep forgetting what they just read, or all of a sudden, they can no longer recognize certain hanzi.  A gentle reminder to use the breath to regulate their feelings can be helpful.

For homework, I asked students to review the reading again, we will have a 10 question true-false reading quiz during the next class.

By Haiyun


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