Back To School Bingo

Some of you have already been in the full swing of the fall semester.  Many of you are going back to school on Tuesday, right after the Labor Day.  On social media lately, I have seen a dramatic increase of inquiry regarding “WHAT TO DO?  I’M GOING BACK TO SCHOOL NEXT WEEK!”

Okay, okay!!!  I got your urgency!  From various social media posts, I sensed some unwillingness to say “goodbye” to summer if you are like me.  Or being super excited and anxious about going back if you are like me as well.  Therefore, I’m going to help you out little bit.  One of the things I always do is “Back to School” Bingo.

Back-to-School Bingo Lu 

It’s a double side bingo.  I give it to all of my students.  I mean it, I give it to my novice level students who has not had one day Chinese yet.  I also give it to my highest level students who have no problem of reading hanzi (Chinese characters).  In an ideal world, yes, I might create a version in Chinese.  In reality, life is not perfect.  I give myself permission to use one generic version in English for all of my students.  Here is how it works.

For my novice 1 students, it is a team building activity to learn about each other and become comfortable with each other.  It is all done in English.  We joke around, share stories, wows, ohhhs, or sigh together.  It means to create a community in my classroom through a start of many shared experiences.

For my intermediate low student, it is both a team building and testing water activity (How much Chinese do you still remember?) I provide a word bank, project it on the whiteboard, no pressure, use it as you feel fit.  Students walk around and speak both English and Chinese to complete their questions and answers.

As for my Intermediate 2 & 3 levels, most of them use the bingo sheet (English) as a prompt.  They use the above word bank as reference.  Mostly, they conduct their bingo interview all in the target language.  After we finish the bingo, we then have a HUGH discussion about it.


Lastly, with my intermediate 2 &3,  there would be a reading to follow.  You can check it out here. The reading, no kidding, it is all in hanzi (Chinese characters)!!!  How does that work?  It would be another post! 中文四 的暑假 怎么样 .

By Haiyun

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