Better Days – A Film Class Journey 1

Hi everyone,

I sincerely hope you have had a wonderful and relaxing winter break to recuperate.  My winter break was filled with painting walls, cleaning windows, and mopping floors as we were preparing to get our house on the market.  Luckily, our hard work was paid off, we accepted an offer after two days.

Before that, I have never touched a paintbrush.  In order to get the job done, not only I dispensed the belief of not knowing how, I dived in from the head to the toes, but also turned it into a shared experience for the whole family.  My 12-year-old son learned how to paint along my side.  At first, we all had so much fear inside, from not knowing, being afraid to mess up, getting frustrated by the tedious work, to eventually taking pride and joy in what we have accomplished.  It reminds me of the journal of learning how to use Teaching with Comprehensible Input-based instructions.  It was so daunting in the beginning, while I gained some joy in doing yet, often I felt frustrated for not being skillful in many other strategies, then after a while, when I look back, I could only wow myself by how far I have traveled.

Then I thought about the blog posts I often read, including some of my own.  People have a tendency to share success but are less inclined to share their struggles and failures along the way.  It creates a fake facet of things that can be easy if someone has a true talent.  Often, we are just not aware of how turbulent a journey can be.

I’m starting a new movie unit with my high-level class.  The movie is called “Better Days“.  I thought it might be beneficial for me to journal along with the movie.  Sometimes, a lesson flies.  Sometimes, a lesson dies.  I hope to log my class truthfully.  Let’s see the highs and lows.

Today, after the Back-To-School activity, I announced the movie unit.  For homework, I assigned them to listen to the theme song, and take a guess of what might be happening in the movie.

Next class, planning to introduce some film terminology and go from there.



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