In my previous posts, I shared that we were going to begin a film unit for my I3 and I4 combination class.  Here is what happened in yesterday’s class.

We began our class with 15 minutes of Free Voluntary Reading.

Then we launched into a few rounds of Quizlet Live game.  Here is a sample of the Quizlet list I generated for them.

Quizlet shuffles teams randomly.  I encourage students to find their team quickly and work through the problems together.  It is a fast-moving game, students don’t dwell on the loss or win as they are asked to dive into the next round immediately.

Then, I pulled a few videos from Youtube and asked students to apply the film terminologies to analyze the video with me. Li Ziqi is one of our favorite channels for movie talks, clip chats, and or cultural insights.  Each film is so beautifully done.  Sometimes, students are so engrossed in the film and they forget to shout out the film terminologies.  I always prefer to create an opportunity for students to enjoy the aesthetic beauty of culture while they work on their linguistic features.

For homework, I asked students to do background research on Better Days’ film director, Zeng, Guoxiang, the male lead, Yiyang, Qianxi, and the female lead, Zhou, Dongyu.

I’ll let you know what they have found out.

By Haiyun


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