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Better Days – A Film Journey4

In the previous three posts, I journaled the preparations for this film class.  Yesterday, we had our fourth class.  Students were asked to do background research on the film director, Zeng, Guoxiang, the male lead, Jackson Yee, and the female lead, Zhong, Dongyu. After the free voluntary reading, we dived into soliciting background information. Here are what students shared. The inquiry process took up the most part of the class.  After that, we played a Blooket game which I designed ahead of time, based on the research I did on these three people.  Blooket provides different game modes.  We played...

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In my previous posts, I shared that we were going to begin a film unit for my I3 and I4 combination class.  Here is what happened in yesterday’s class.

We began our class with 15 minutes of Free Voluntary Reading.

Then we launched into a few rounds of Quizlet Live game.  Here is a sample of the Quizlet list I generated for them.

Quizlet shuffles teams randomly.  I encourage students to find their team quickly and work through the problems together.  It is a fast-moving game, students don’t dwell on the loss or win as they are asked to dive into the next round immediately.

Then, I pulled a few videos from Youtube and asked students to apply the film terminologies to analyze the video with me. Li Ziqi is one of our favorite channels for movie talks, clip chats, and or cultural insights.  Each film is so beautifully done.  Sometimes, students are so engrossed in the film and they forget to shout out the film terminologies.  I always prefer to create an opportunity for students to enjoy the aesthetic beauty of culture while they work on their linguistic features.

For homework, I asked students to do background research on Better Days’ film director, Zeng, Guoxiang, the male lead, Yiyang, Qianxi, and the female lead, Zhou, Dongyu.

I’ll let you know what they have found out.

By Haiyun


Better Days – A Film Class Journey 2

In the last post, I shared that we were beginning a film in class.  I asked students to listen to the theme song to get a sense of what might be happening in the movie. Today I had my intermediate 3/4 class (I3/4).  Here is what has been taken in place. First, I began the class with free voluntary reading (10 minutes).  Students chose a reading of their own interests, read quietly and then keep a simple log of what they read.  This record is for themselves to keep.  I'll begin a check-in during the second week.  Typically, I call...

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Better Days – A Film Class Journey 1

Hi everyone, I sincerely hope you have had a wonderful and relaxing winter break to recuperate.  My winter break was filled with painting walls, cleaning windows, and mopping floors as we were preparing to get our house on the market.  Luckily, our hard work was paid off, we accepted an offer after two days. Before that, I have never touched a paintbrush.  In order to get the job done, not only I dispensed the belief of not knowing how, I dived in from the head to the toes, but also turned it into a shared experience for the whole family. ...

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Everybody Eats, How Many Cooks?

Talking about food could be a fun and nonthreatening topic for anyone to strike up a conversation with others. Especially, for me, an immigrant who lacks knowledge of cultural insights, jokes and references, when awkwardness falls upon me during a social gathering, I try to steer the conversation into food and cooking, to cover up my inadequateness. Often, it is an interesting topic for students to be engaged in the classroom early on as well. Everybody LOVES to talk about their favorite foods and restaurants! However, for teens, how many likes to cook? When my students reach Intermediate Mid level...

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#10 Thanksgiving Special: Farmer vs. Turkey Embedded Reading

作者:潮雨 [embed][/embed] 一 在一家农场,住着一个农民,也住着很多火鸡。 感恩节就要到了,农民想要在感恩节的时候吃火鸡。 所有的火鸡都很怕。 他们都很怕死。 怎么办?   二 在一家农场,住着一个农民,也住着很多火鸡。 今天是11月25号星期三,明天就是感恩节了。那个农民想要在感恩节的时候吃火鸡。 他想要吃哪一只火鸡? 所有的火鸡都很怕。他们都很怕死。他们也都很怕农民吃了他们。 怎么办? 有一只火鸡很聪明。他想了想,他有了一个主意! 他会弹banjo, 农民会弹吉他。他要跟农民比赛banjo对吉他。 什么?一只会弹banjo的火鸡? 谁会赢?   三 在一家农场,住着一个农民,也住着很多火鸡。 今天是11月25号星期三,明天就是11月26号星期四,感恩节就要到了。当然当然,那个农民想要在感恩节的时候吃火鸡。 他想要吃哪一只火鸡?他想要吃一只大火鸡?还是一只小火鸡?他想要吃一只瘦火鸡?还是一只胖火鸡? 所有的火鸡们都很怕。他们都很怕死。他们也都很怕农民吃了他们。他们都最怕农民在感恩节的时候吃了他们。 怎么办? 在这个农场上,住着一只很特别的火鸡。这只火鸡很聪明。这只火鸡非常聪明!他想了想,他有了一个主意! 他会弹banjo, 农民会弹吉他。他要跟农民比赛banjo对吉他。 什么?一只会弹banjo的火鸡?一只想要跟人比赛弹banjo的火鸡? 谁会赢? 农民不怕火鸡。农民不怕跟火鸡比赛。农民什么都不怕。 好好好,一,二,三,比赛开始!   四 在一家大农场,住着一个小农民,也住着很多火鸡。有的火鸡很大,有的火鸡很小,有的火鸡很胖,有的火鸡很瘦。 今天是11月25号星期三,今天是一个阴天。没有太阳也非常冷。明天就是11月26号星期四,感恩节就要到了。当然当然,那个小农民想要在感恩节的时候吃火鸡。 他想要吃哪一只火鸡?他想要吃一只大火鸡?还是一只小火鸡?他想要吃一只瘦火鸡?还是一只胖火鸡? 所有的火鸡们都很怕。他们都很怕死。他们也都很怕农民吃了他们。他们都最怕农民在感恩节的时候吃了他们。 怎么办? 在这个农场上,住着一只很特别的火鸡。这只火鸡很聪明。这只火鸡非常聪明!这只火鸡很厉害,这只火鸡非常厉害。 他想了想,他有了一个主意! 他会弹banjo, 他弹banjo弹得非常好。农民会弹吉他,可是小农民弹吉他弹得马马虎虎。他要跟农民比赛banjo对吉他。 什么?一只会弹banjo的火鸡?一只想要跟人比赛弹banjo的火鸡? 火鸡真的会赢吗? 农民不怕火鸡。农民不怕跟火鸡比赛。农民什么都不怕。 好好好,那我们就看看吧!一,二,三,比赛开始! 真的?火鸡可以弹banjo 弹得很好?火鸡弹banjo弹得比农民好? 火鸡也弹banjo弹得比农民快? 其它的火鸡一边听他们比赛一边偷偷地跑走了… 火鸡弹banjo越弹越高兴. 农民弹吉他越弹越紧张。 火鸡弹banjo越弹越快. 农民弹吉他越弹越慢。 火鸡弹banjo越弹越好. 农民弹吉他越弹越坏。 火鸡弹banjo越弹越开心. 农民弹吉他越弹越怕。怕什么?怕所有的火鸡都跑走! 可是,真的!所有的火鸡都跑走了! 那个农民在感恩节没有火鸡吃了! 感恩节的火鸡 embedded reading

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#9 Simon’s Cat in Fowl Play Embedded Reading

作者:潮雨 [embed][/embed] 一 Simon有猫。 Simon有一只猫。 Simon有一只大猫。   在Thanksgiving, Simon 吃火鸡。 可是Simon不想要他的猫吃火鸡。 为什么?   二 Simon是一个男人。Simon喜欢猫, 所以Simon有一只猫。Simon有一只大猫。   在Thanksgiving, Simon想要吃火鸡。 Simon想要在他的家吃火鸡。 可是,Simon不想要他的猫吃火鸡。 Simon也不想要他的猫在家。 为什么?   但是,Simon的猫想要吃火鸡。Simon的猫想要在Simon的家吃火鸡。 怎么办?(zěnmebàn – what to do?)   三 Simon是一个男人。Simon是一个不大不小的男人。 因为Simon喜欢猫,所以Simon有一只猫。Simon有一只大猫。Simon有一只喜欢吃的大猫。 在Thanksgiving, Simon想要吃火鸡。Simon想要吃好吃的火鸡。 Simon想要在他的家吃好吃的火鸡。 可是,Simon不想要他的猫吃火鸡。Simon不想要他的猫吃好吃的火鸡。 Simon也不想要他的猫在他的家里 (lǐ - inside)。 为什么?   但是,Simon的猫想要吃火鸡。Simon的猫想要在Simon的家吃火鸡。 怎么办?(zěnmebàn – what to do?) Simon 的火鸡在家里(lǐ - inside)。Simon的猫不在家里。可是Simon的猫想要在家里。 Simon的猫在家里了! Simon的猫想要Simon的火鸡。Simon的猫有Simon的火鸡。 Simon没有火鸡了! Simon不高兴了! Simon的猫有火鸡了! Simon的猫笑了!   Simon的猫 Fowl Play Embedded Reading

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