Classroom Jobs Going Online

By Haiyun Lu

Many of you around the globe have already dabbled in different platforms for teaching online.  I saw many posts sharing challenges, stresses, ideas, suggestions and success.  We are starting first day of online teaching tomorrow.  I have been thinking about the need and the importance of creating an online community.  I hope to bring in the wonder of classroom jobs online.  May this post be a conversation starter for us to all chime in sharing and contributing ideas.  Since I haven’t started teaching online yet, I have no expert opinion to offer yet.

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Introduction to students:

Dear students, as we are migrating to an online platform, there are many unforeseen challenges we need to discover and adjust to yet.  I invite you to share various classroom jobs to facilitate me in this new endeavor.  I hope our time together could be productive and we enjoy “being” with each other.  There is a sense of community in our online classroom as well.  Okay, let’s start…

“Mute” leader: Please use “chat” to remind your peers to mute their mics unless they are called upon or sharing information in class.  Especially, after one speaks, it is easy to forget to “mute” oneself again.

“Greeting” leader: In chat to send out your greetings and get everyone to say “hi” in Chinese to each other.

“Mindful Journal” leader: In chat at the beginning of each class, please remind your classmates to start their “Mindful journal”.  Any question related to how to do it, please consult the document I created in Google Classroom. (Chinese teachers, you might not see it in this photo, there are two additional versions of Wheel of Emotions in hanzi and pinyin.)

“Mindful break”:  Whenever you sense your classmates are getting overwhelmed, send me a private chat to request a mindful break.  Or share your peers’ mindful break suggestions as well.

The Daily Pandemic Reporter:  Please open this file and insert a new slide for each new class and update #COVID19 information accordingly.

“Class Writer”:  Add a slide next to today’s new material slide, take notes during daily report on news/stories, feeling, complains, or collaborative story-asking……

We will have more jobs as we become more familiar with the online platform.



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