How Do You Do Today?

What we are going through is so unprecedented.  While teaching online reinstalls a form of normality, at the same time, it reminds us how unusual the whole situation has been.  Watching the COVID19 cases and victims increase each day, when US’s death toll easily crossed over 10,000 while key politicians are still playing a game of self-worship and personal gain, any reasonable and conscious person would feel the pain, frustration, anger, desperation, hopelessness… inside.  And at the same time, we must be the anchor for our students.

I haven’t felt so much tension in my shoulders since I started meditating regularly.  Even though, I meditate a minimal twice a day now, I still have to work so hard to keep me at peace.  I also notice how quickly I “lose” it.

During a turbulent time, meditation is a survival instinct and a need.  I refuse to give in the negative thoughts and feelings, instead, I choose love.  Although, I need to remind myself all the time to practice love and choose love.

In a previous post, I wrote about the Wheel of Emotions.  Today, I’m going to show you what I have been doing with it and what looks like in my online classroom.

  1. Mindful Journal.  There are three sentences’ writing prompt: a. In my body, I feel…  b. In my heart, I feel…  c. In my head, I feel…

Students write a new entry in their mindful journal everyday.  Once a while, I go in to read everybody’s journal.  If someone is really showing a hard time, I either message the person, invite him/her to my office hour or report to the administrators.  I believe talking and sharing feelings alone could help us feel better.  Please also notice the end of the first sentence, due to typo, I couldn’t understand what she was trying to say until I confirmed with her next class.

2. Small group mindful emotions check in.  Following up their mindful journal, students join their small groups in Google Meet and check in with each other.  Here is a sample of my Intermediate 1 (Chinese 2) students’ dialogue.  Due to their privacy, I have taken out their images from the recording.


3. Teacher facilitation.  Here is a clip of me checking in with my intermediate 2 (Chinese 3) students regarding their feelings.

4. I often end my classes with Loving-kindness meditation.  Here is a clip of guided meditation with novice level students in English.

With my upper level classes, the guide is in Chinese.  It looks like it would be beneficial to record that and share as well.


May you be happy!

May you be healthy!

May you be safe!

May you be held in loving-kindness.



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