Meet the Zodiac Family Plus More


Today, I’m going to share a quick tip on how I preteach zodiac animals waaaaaay before the Chinese Spring Festival.  By the time we reach the point for the Legend of Chinese Zodiac, students are familiar with most of the animals already.  Sounds amazing, right?!

How?  You might ask!

Well, simple!  When I co-create stories with students in class, after the first month, I switch my main characters in the story from human to animal.

In this photo, you will meet Panda King, Tuzi Phil, Xiaozhu Wilber, Houzi Suzie, Houzi Joey, and Longxia Sophie.

If you are thinking about how I fit them all in the same story, I can tell you to guess again.

In fact, I started with Houzi Joey who wants to go to a Halloween party.  Then, the next story is about Houzi Suzie who wants a friend.  The third animal story is about Xiaozhu Wilber and Panda King, two unlikely people who become friends.  Just today, I brought in Tuzi Phil and threw in Longxia Sophie to spice things up.  Because Longxia Sophia is so picky.  She doesn’t eat any familiar food my students know: hamburgers, pizza, hot dogs, salad…  In fact, nobody knows what she eats.  Very unlike Xiaozhu Wilber who eats everything coming in his way, he is never tired of eating.

Sounds interesting, right?  Give it a try!  One animal at a time, if your students struggle with saying the animal correctly after a class, make it into the next story.  They will know it by heart because they have a deep relationship with these animals.

By Haiyun



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