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Haiyun has been a Mandarin teacher since 1993. She is also a certified Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher from Brown University. She is passionate about employing Comprehensible Input-based instruction in her classes and implementing mindfulness in education. She was a mindfulness coach for her school’s track and field team and the volleyball team. She has been training and coaching language teachers with “teaching with comprehensible input-based instruction” throughout North America and Asia. She is the co-founder of the Comprehensible Midwest Conference, Learn Together Academy and Ignite Chinese. She is a columnist for Intrepid Ed News. She is a blogger and writer; she has written 16 storybooks in Mandarin. When she is not teaching, she likes to hike, meditate, drink tea with friends, enjoy a good meal with family and play games with her son.

ISBN: 978-1-942714-43-9

 This digital bundle contains the complete teacher’s guide and supporting materials for WillyGoat series. Willy Goat comes in one box set.  It contains 9 different books (this needs to be purchased separately).

The supporting materials for each book includes the following:

In each book, there are Five folders:

  1. In-class Instruction PowerPoint folder

    – Essential phrases

    – Daily Report

    – Story Unit procedures

    – Core mini stories

    – Core mini story outlines

    – Mini Story Readings

    – Suggested activities

    – Story unit vocabulary list


  1. Mini Stories (PowerPoint and Word Doc) Folder
  2. Activities Folder

    – Coloring cards activity

    – Counting cards activity

    – Game cards activity

    – Listen and draw sheet

    – Read and draw activity

    – Speed write activity

    – Interactive True or False reading activity

    – Individual mini-story reading activities

  1. Assessment Folder

    – True or False reading

    – Read and Illustrate

    – Listening comprehension

    – Speed Write

  1. Logistic files folder

    – Rejoinder list

    – Classroom expectation poster

    – Kindness poster

    – Classroom password list

    – TPR teams list

    – Speed write tracking chart

    – Daily reports

    – Classroom expression poster

    – Speed reading instruction

   – Free voluntary reading instructions


More about Willy Goat series:

In this WillyGoat series, it is a collection of 9 different books which depict different aspects of children’s lives. From learning social roles and expectations, developing good habits, getting along with siblings, making friends, following rules, advocating for his needs and cultivating empathy… Willy is like every other child in the world who runs into many different problems and learn how to solve them one at a time as he is growing up.

This series (book 1 – 9) contains 100% HSK level 1 required vocabulary.

Targeted proficiency levels: Novice low, Novice mid, Novice high & Intermediate low.


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