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  • Miss Basil’s Thanksgiving

    Book 5: Miss Basils Thanksgiving
    / Basil 老师的感恩节


    Bitten by wanderlust, Miss Basil, a beautiful and charming turkey, traveled all the way from France to Wonzel Town, unaware that  she has blindly entered into a life-threatening situation.  On Thanksgiving, roasted turkeys are served in American kitchens.  Will Dylan, Elves, Xingxing and friends be able to find her in time to warn her about this holiday custom?  Has she been eaten? Is it too late? Will a miracle save her?

    Paperback book.

  • Book 6: Feifei’s Field Trip

    Book 6: Feifei’s Field Trip
    / 菲菲的实地实践


    Food lover Feifei can be proud of his ability when it comes to eating, but not so much with sports.  There is a field trip planned for his strategy class.  In order to prepare for surviving Wonzel Town’s harsh winter, they will be going on a ski race.  Will Feifei be able to challenge his inner demons and try his best?  Or he will break down and embarrass himself in front of his classmates?

    Paperback book.

  • The Last Dance

    Book 7: The Last Dance
    / 最后的舞会


    Miss Basil is leaving Wonzel Town.  But not until after a dance party!  Dylan really wants to ask Xingxing to the dance.  He is also thinking of telling Xingxing his feelings about her but he doesn’t know how.  What can Dylan do?  Will Dylan and Xingxing go to the dance together?  Or will Xingxing dance the night away with others?  Will she ever find out Dylan’s true feelings for her?

    Paperback book.

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