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The Daily Pandemic Report

By Pu-mei Leng Our school had two half-day classes for us to get used to online teaching and last Friday (March 27) was my first day of whole day class. I watched CNN to check the pandemic numbers in the morning before the class. And I made a quick slide intend to teach the current event. As I was teaching, I realize it is the best time to teach Chinese big numbers as a routine as long as we are having online school.  The big number in Chinese is confusing to students as we all know. I usually teach big...

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Summer, Summer, Dare You Go!

Back to school is a clear indication of that summer is over!  If you live in a pretty cold climate and you are not a person who enjoys polar vortex or watch snow flakes for 6 months of a year, then, letting go of summer can be ... Reluctant, challenging,  and depressive...    Oh, even heart-broken! Well, I have never been excited nor happy to let summer go.  On the contrary, I would do whatever it takes to keep summer lingering longer. Seriously! How? By creating more memories!!!  By personalizing my classroom with shared memories of summer. Here is how!...

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