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Summer, Summer, Dare You Go!

Back to school is a clear indication of that summer is over!  If you live in a pretty cold climate and you are not a person who enjoys polar vortex or watch snow flakes for 6 months of a year, then, letting go of summer can be ... Reluctant, challenging,  and depressive...    Oh, even heart-broken! Well, I have never been excited nor happy to let summer go.  On the contrary, I would do whatever it takes to keep summer lingering longer. Seriously! How? By creating more memories!!!  By personalizing my classroom with shared memories of summer. Here is how!...

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Back To School Bingo

Some of you have already been in the full swing of the fall semester.  Many of you are going back to school on Tuesday, right after the Labor Day.  On social media lately, I have seen a dramatic increase of inquiry regarding "WHAT TO DO?  I'M GOING BACK TO SCHOOL NEXT WEEK!" Okay, okay!!!  I got your urgency!  From various social media posts, I sensed some unwillingness to say "goodbye" to summer if you are like me.  Or being super excited and anxious about going back if you are like me as well.  Therefore, I'm going to help you out...

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