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Classroom Jobs Going Online

By Haiyun Lu Many of you around the globe have already dabbled in different platforms for teaching online.  I saw many posts sharing challenges, stresses, ideas, suggestions and success.  We are starting first day of online teaching tomorrow.  I have been thinking about the need and the importance of creating an online community.  I hope to bring in the wonder of classroom jobs online.  May this post be a conversation starter for us to all chime in sharing and contributing ideas.  Since I haven't started teaching online yet, I have no expert opinion to offer yet. En comparación con el...

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The Daily Pandemic Report

By Pu-mei Leng Our school had two half-day classes for us to get used to online teaching and last Friday (March 27) was my first day of whole day class. I watched CNN to check the pandemic numbers in the morning before the class. And I made a quick slide intend to teach the current event. As I was teaching, I realize it is the best time to teach Chinese big numbers as a routine as long as we are having online school.  The big number in Chinese is confusing to students as we all know. I usually teach big...

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Who is Allergic to Girls?

I have a 9 years old boy who apparently is going through a stage of being allergic to girls. If I ever mention a girl's name or acquire anything about a girl in his class, literally, he would scream and run to the opposite direction. Sometimes, I wonder when this phrase is going to pass. Yesterday morning in my level 2 class, I noticed a girl who was quite late. She's a strong, outgoing, playful and happy girl. We have a good relationship together. I called her over and asked whether I could use her in my story. It was...

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