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Bringing Empathy into Storytelling

Please meet Chloe the Optimistic! This is a story I co-created with my novice 1A session. Please take a minute to observe Chloe's portrait which was drawn by two in-class artists. What do you see? What do you think? What do you wonder? Do you see an eye with tears on the bottom of Chloe's face? Do you see a tiny little nose on the right side of her cheek? Do you see a big red mouth on her forehead? Do you see two hearts, one is intact, one is broken...? What do you think? Do you think this is...

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Everyday Heroes

There are many teachers in the world. Lots of them are great teachers. Among the great teachers, quite a lot are outstanding. In my desire to better meet students' needs and become a better teacher every year, I have encountered many marverlous teachers. If opportunities allow, I love to observe them in action, or attend their workshops and presentations, read their books or blogs, or talk to them in person. After a while, I have noticed a pattern that all amazing teachers share. Here, I'm going to share three. 1. Humanity This summer, I was very fortunate to be able...

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