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Meet the Main Characters in Kittens’ Series

I hope you are interested in finding out what these 7 books are about. Well, they are about cats. Yes, we used cats as our main characters. They all come from different background and have their own little personality. Gosh, a friend has asked me that which cat I could identify with? Well, honestly, all of them! Wait, I'm not saying I'm an overly complex person. All I'm saying is that I could identify myself with different aspects of each cat. For example, I could relate to Xingxing's (星星") "nerdyness", well, is this a word? When I was in school,...

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The Nature of a TPRS Curriculum

Last night, I received an email from a Chinese teacher who has been wanting to try out TPRS for a while. Although she hasn't had any official training, she has been learning everything she can online: reading blog posts as much as possible, watching teaching demos on Youtube and trying out with her students on a small scale. Her biggest challenge is not the lack of training. The most delicate aspect of her teaching is that she has to coordinate her curriculum with others in her school. Here is a part of the email I received from her: ......By the...

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