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Re-approach Novice Level Student with TCI

This year, I have decided to start my Novice level classes little differently than before. Instead of jumping into TPRS immediately, I started with Total Physical Response first. 1. I have two sessions of Novice level classes, which include students from 7th grade to 12th grade. Due to the attention span of my youngsters and the nature of how our brain works, getting students out of their seats with movement and ignite their brains on fire would be very beneficial. 2. I hope to build up a big repertoire in high frequency phrases faster for students so they would be...

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Total Physical Response and Its Classroom Application

This article has been published by Chinese Language Teaching Methodology and Technology, Vol. 1 [2017], Iss. 3, Art. 4 Special thanks to my editor, Huiwen Li, for giving me permission to post it here. Click here to read from the journal. Part I: What Is Total Physical Response? Total Physical Response (TPR) is one of the most powerful tools we can use in a language classroom. It is a comprehension-based strategy and built on the coordination of language and physical movements. In TPR, instructors give commands with body movement to students in a target language, students respond with whole-body actions....

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